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Dressing for Work


Updated Casual Friday Look

How do I create an updated casual Friday look?

Use a suit jacket and pair it with jeans or leggings. A scarf and necklace colour coordinated gives the look more impact. With an Images That Suit wardrobe consultation we can show you how to create this look with the right length jacket, the right layer under the jacket and the most appropriate bottom. You will see how to choose the right accessory and learn a couple of simple ways to tie scarves. We can also help you choose the right knitwear to give you a chic and sophisticated alternative. Book your appointment with your consultant, through our website email or by phone.


Better Dressed; So Why?

  • When people respond to you, they respond to the unspoken message you project...part of that message is your style.
  • We are hardwired so that 55% of how we respond is a result of visual cues.
  • People make the like/don't like, okay/no way decisions very quickly...research shows snap judgements are made in those first 30 seconds of meeting.
  • Creating your style is about being in control of the impressions you create.
  • To make that first great impression develop an individual style that is an expression of independence and confidence...make it suitable to your target audience's expectations of you as a professional in your field.
  • Your image is about creating a favourable link between your internal beliefs and values and the external world to give you a significant competitive edge.
  • Find colours that make you look healthy, fresh and vibrant and develop a style to accentuate your personality and potential.
  • Dress so you feel at the top or your game.
  • Remember you are making an investment that can boost your personal share value.

Tips to Tweak Your Chic

  • Aim for conservative glamour.
  • Focus on quality and value, premium fabric and premium hardware(buttons, zippers, trims).
  • The trend is to classic styling but it is mixed with feminine sensitivity to inspire powerful clean, modern statements of confidence.
  • Move out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting, possibly capricious, a feel good piece for weekend or evening.
  • Direct your shopping dollars to the suit jacket teamed with dress pants, a dress or jeans - that's where edgy chic meets modern sleek

5 Ways To Make Jeans Work Savvy

    1. Always wear a jacket with your jeans. A tailored jacket can be teamed in a very chic way with jeans.
    2. Make sure your jeans are the most casual part of your outfit. Shoes/boots, top and jacket should be dressier.
    3. Skinny and straight leg jeans are trending, so are textures and printed.
    4. Accessories are key, a great boot and a necklace or scarf accessory gives a polished, pulled together look.
    5. Jeans come in many washes and dyes. If you feel the need to play it safe avoid traditional denim and go with very dark denim, black or brown.

7 Tips For Creating A Polished Business Image

    1. Quality counts. Instead of buying several trendy outfits, invest in good quality jackets or suits. Update your accessories, and tops, that way your investment pieces will cost less per wear.
    2. Wear simple, clean tailored lines with a fashion twist if you like some edge. The fit is important not too tight, not too loose, a fit that skims the body.
    3. Dark basic colours in the blue, black, grey or brown family always create a polished business look.
    4.  A necklace and or earring can be the accessory that creates the ‘wow’ factor. View it in the same way you might see a man’s tie, in colours that compliment the outfit.
    5. When wearing business casual clothing remember the business component and incorporate a structured cardigan or jacket in your look.
    6. Dress for your clients. Remember that you represent your company. You are not dressing for yourself. That’s for the weekend. You are dressing to inspire confidence in your clients and in your company.
    7. A well put together outfit delivers the subtle message that you pay attention to detail, that you are successful. It suggests that if you put that much effort into your image that you are probably that diligent with your work.

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