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Better Dressed; So Why?

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  • When people respond to you, they respond to the unspoken message you project...part of that message is your style.
  • We are hardwired so that 55% of how we respond is a result of visual cues.
  • People make the like/don't like, okay/no way decisions very quickly...research shows snap judgements are made in those first 30 seconds of meeting.
  • Creating your style is about being in control of the impressions you create.
  • To make that first great impression develop an individual style that is an expression of independence and confidence...make it suitable to your target audience's expectations of you as a professional in your field.
  • Your image is about creating a favourable link between your internal beliefs and values and the external world to give you a significant competitive edge.
  • Find colours that make you look healthy, fresh and vibrant and develop a style to accentuate your personality and potential.
  • Dress so you feel at the top or your game.
  • Remember you are making an investment that can boost your personal share value.

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